National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Friday April 20 2018

  • 08.05–08.05
    Open meeting Horacio Torrent, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Ruth Verde Zein, Mackenzie University, São Paulo Anat Falbel, São Paulo   Recent exhibitions, catalogs, and books on Latin America modern architecture and cities have revived their presence in the contemporary international debates, corroborating its importance and breadth. A hybrid cultural and human landscape Latin American art, culture and architecture manifestations have deep roots branching across the continents, from Asia to Africa, and certainly from Europe. The connecting ties between Europe and the Americas are undoubted of great relevance and have been considered by scholars and researchers from both continents, establishing a dynamic corpus of academic debates. For our first meeting in Tallinn we are proposing a discussion on the cultural encounters between Latin America and Europe since the 19th century which might include topics such as the displacement of European-born professionals to Latin America, cross transfers of modern architecture ideals and models through the written word as well as images, the Latin American historiographical constructions vis à vis the European Modern narratives as well as  Latin America architecture and urbanism and the concepts of hybridization, translations and cultural transference.