National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday March 20 2018

  • 06.13–06.13
    Launching the Architectural Magazine: The Formation of a Genre
    Printing a New Style: The First Swedish Architectural Magazine and the Creation of Modern Scandinavian Architecture in the 1850s Anna Ripatti, University of Helsinki
    "Ein inniges Zusammenwirken der geistigen Kräfte deutscher Technik": Professional Organisations and Their Jounals in the German Countries Christiane Weber, Universität Innsbruck
    Architecture and Editorial Culture: The Role of the Architect and Criticism in the Formation of the Portuguese Architectural Magazines Rute Figueiredo, ESAP – Porto School of Arts
    The Emergence of the Professional Architectural Magazine in China Kai Wang, Tongji University Ying Wang, University of Leuven
    A Tale of two Journals: La Casa Bella and Domus Klaus Tragbar, Universität Innsbruck