National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday March 20 2018

  • 06.15–06.15
    Modernity and rurality: mapping the state of research
    To subordinate, unite or confront architecture with nature? Knut Knutsen´s regionalist strategies and their impact Espen Johnsen, University of Oslo
    “Architecture, in the sense of prewar times, is dying.” –– Ernst May’s Housing Schemes in Weimar’s Rural East Sarah M. Schlachetzki, University of Bern
    Agrarian Penal Colonies and the Project of Modern Rurality in Italy Sabrina Puddu, University of Hertfordshire / Leeds Beckett University
    “Only human tirelessness built on science can conquer the desert”: Planned agricultural communities in early 19th century Hungary. Kristof Fatsar, Writtle University College