National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday March 20 2018

  • 06.13–06.13
    United Nations in the Non-Western World: Norms and Forms of ‘Development’ Programmes
    “A World Picture”?: The UN’s Audio-Visual Apparatus for Mediating Habitat, 1976 Felicity D. Scott, Columbia University
    Open Door: UNBRO and the Spatial Planning of Cambodian-Thai Refugee Camps Jennifer Ferng, University of Sydney
    Counter Currenting: The production of locality in the case of the Training for Self Reliance Project [TSRP] – Lesotho; 1983-1987 Iain Low, University of Cape Town
    Tourism and Leisure Politics: The United Nations Development Agenda in Cyprus Panayiota Pyla, University of Cyprus Dimitris Venizelos, University of Cyprus
    Infrastructure if Pan-Africanism: The Trans-African Highway Network Kenny Cupers, University of Basel