National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday March 21 2023

  • 20.29–20.29
    A Woman’s Situation: Transnational Mobility and Gendered Practice. Main Conference Hall

    Enclosed Bodies: Circulation and its Discontents
    Ross Exo Adams, Iowa State University

    The gendered user and the generic city: Simone de Beauvoir’s America Day by Day (1947/54)
    Mary Pepchinski, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

    “Dear Ms. Comrade” or A Transnational Agent in the Communist World: Architecture, Urbanism, and Feminism in Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky’s Post-War Work, ca. 1945-1960
    Sophie Hochhäusl, University of Pennsylvania

    Georgia Louise Harris Brown and the Myth of Brazilian Racial Democracy
    Anat Falbel, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

    Roberta Washington, Roberta Washington Architects, New York

    Horizons of Exclusion: Lina Bo Bardi’s Exile from Exile
    Sabine von Fischer, Architecture Agency, Zurich