National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Friday June 15 2018

  • 13.00–15.00
    BUS TOUR: The Pirita Convent (15th C)

    The history of the St. Bridget’s Convent in Tallinn – the Pirita Convent – dates back to the 15th century when Tallinn was at its economic peak. The Convent that operated for over 150 years used to be the largest nunnery in Livonia (present-day Estonia and Latvia). Being only partly built upon St. Bridget’s rules, the architecture of the convent church displayed local features. The Convent was destroyed in the 1570s. Since the 1970s, extensive excavation and conservation projects have taken place on the premises of the convent. The massive walls of the church, unearthed parts of claustral buildings on both sides of the church and the graveyard have survived. Today, the ensemble of ruins, a popular concert venue in the summer, is managed by the sisters of the Bridgettine Order.