National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Saturday October 16 2021

  • 08.20–08.20
    European Peripheries in Architectural Historiography. Small Conference Hall

    The Modern Margin at the Classical Centre: Critical Regionalism as Historiography
    Stylianos Giamarelos, UCL

    Architect Migrants from Former Soviet Republics to Western Europe: A Blind Spot of Eurocentric Historiography

    Eva Radionova, Amsterdam University of the Arts

    Yelizaveta Yanovich, World Bank Group / Independent researcher  

    Peripheral and Central Stances in Portuguese Architecture Culture
    Ricardo Costa Agarez, University of Évora, Portugal

    From Tendenza to Tendenzen: Rewriting Ticinese Architecture, 1975–1985
    Irina Davidovici, ETH Zurich