National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday November 29 2022

  • 14.27–14.27
    HOUSING GROUP. Corner Hall (Nurgasaal)

    Housing Stories as a Methodological Frontier: A Workshop and a Manifesto
    Gaia Caramellino, Politecnico di Milano

    Filippo De Pieri, Politecnico di Torino


    In recent years, histories of housing have increasingly been the result of an exchange between different fields of research, such as archaeology, anthropology, sociology, the history of material culture, the history of consumption… In fact, the study of housing seems to defy disciplinary barriers and to encourage long-term and cross-cultural comparisons. The third meeting of the Interest Group on Housing aims at exploring the potential interactions – as well as the underlying tension – between these approaches. In more specific terms, it aims at proposing a reflection on the distinct contribution that housing history can bring to a broader, ongoing debate concerning the methodology and public relevance of architectural history. Invited participants to this workshop will be asked to address the topic by discussing to what extent recent research, teaching and public communication experiences in the field of housing history can play a role in exploring/encouraging innovative research approaches to architectural history. The workshop is intended as a collecting writing exercise that will result in the redaction of a position paper that will be submitted to for the publication on “Architectural Histories” soon after the workshop.