National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday March 21 2023

  • 20.27–20.27
    Measure every Wandering Planet’s Course. Residential systems in Early Modern Europe 1450-1700. Cupola Hall (Kuppelsaal)

    “Going Back and Forth”: Residential Systems in Renaissance Venice
    Johanna Heinrichs, University of Kentucky

    The materialisation of power and authority: the architectural commissions of Charles of Croÿ (1596-1612)
    Sanne Maekelberg, KU Leuven

    Residential systems and spatial appropriation: the rise and fall of a Senatorial family in Early Modern Bologna
    Giovanna Guidicini, The Glasgow School of Art

    Images of Wealth, Pride and Power. Country House Culture on the Island of Walcheren (the Netherlands), 1600-1750
    Martin van den Broeke, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs