National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday November 29 2022

  • 12.43–12.43
    Open Session: Socialist Block. Miller Salon

    Leisure and Recreation under Socialism: New Urban Parks in Beijing in the Early 1950s
    LIU Yishi, Tsinghua University, Beijing

    National in Content, International in Form: National Constructs and Emerging Modernist Scenes in Soviet Socialist Republics of Belarus and Lithuania
    Oxana Gourinovitch, TU Berlin

    Unvisible Theory of Praxis? Centralized architectural theory in the GDR
    Kathrin Siebert, ETH Zurich

    Travelling influences from East to West and Back: The case of Finland and Soviet Estonia
    Laura Berger, Aalto University
    Sampo Ruoppila, University of Turku

    Nordic-Baltic Architecture Triennials as meeting grounds of late socialist and late capitalist postmodernisms
    Ingrid Ruudi,
Estonian Academy of Arts