National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday March 21 2023

  • 18.38–18.38
    Roundtable: Who (Still) Needs Eastern Europe? Miller Salon

    Eastern Europe Is Not the Center or the Periphery
    Kimberly Zarecor, Iowa State University, Ames

    “Local? Global?: The Power to Define Conceptual Categories”
    Veronica E. Aplenc, University of Pennsylvania

    Second World Urbanity: Beyond Area Studies towards New Regionalisms
    Daria Bocharnikova, Center for Fine Arts BOZAR, Bruxelles / KU Leuven

    Steven E. Harris, University of Mary Washington

    A spatio-temporal container? A condition? A zombie category? Displacing Eastern Europe
    Francisco Martínez, University of Helsinki

    Defamiliarizing formal analysis: a new methodology to study ordinary modernism
    Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology