National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Tuesday March 21 2023

  • 19.54–19.54
    The Architecture of the Orient before Orientalism. Cupola Hall (Kuppelsaal)

    Spatial Narratives on Ottoman Architecture: Aegean Port Cities through the Eyes of Western Travelers
    Çağla Caner Yüksel, Başkent University, Ankara
    Ceren Katipoğlu Özmen, Çankaya University, Ankara

    The Spectator and the Orient, the case of William Chambers
    Sigrid de Jong, Leiden University

    The Oriental imagery in the eighteenth century: reception and dissemination through Fischer von Erlach and Piranesi architectural plates
    Elisa Boeri, Politecnico Milano

    Shifting perceptions of the Orient : Pococke, Dalton and Hope
    Lobke Geurs, KU Leuven

    Egypt and the Interior, Thomas Hope and “Interior Decoration”
    Tim Anstey, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design