National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Wednesday June 13 2018

  • 14.30–17.15
    The Architecture of the Tasman World, 1788–1850. Corner Hall (Nurgasaal)

    Sealer Dealers and the Architecture of the Tasman World
    Philippa Mein Smith, University of Tasmania

    The Architecture of Van Diemen’s Land’s Timber
    Stuart King, University of Melbourne

    The Architecture of Pastoralism and the (De)industrialization of Port Phillip
    Harriet Edquist, RMIT Design Archives, Melbourne

    Pilfering and the Tasman World: Commerce, Criminal Cultures and the ‘Securitisation’ of Space in Early Colonial Sydney and Hobart
    William M Taylor, University of Western Australia

    The Earle Panoramas of the Tasman World
    Robin Skinner, Victoria University of Wellington