National Library of Estonia
June 13–16

Saturday June 16 2018

  • 11.45–13.30
    BUS TOUR: Soviet Postmodernism: Linnahall Concert Hall and the Small Coastal Gate Bastion

    The tour focuses on two different unusual structures – artificial landscapes rather than buildings – built in Tallinn in the late 1970s and 1980s. Both represent the specific features of local postmodern architecture that emerged in contact with Tallinn Old Town. The Linnahall Concert Hall (architects Raine Karp, Riina Altmäe, built 1975–1980) on the seafront was built for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Yachting Regatta in Tallinn. Although monumental in scale, the building was kept low to allow for the views that open from Tallinn bay to the Old Town. The roof of Linnahall functioned as a public space, enabling access to the seafront, which had been a closed area in central Tallinn for most of the Soviet period. The reconstruction (architect Kalle Rõõmus, built 1979–86) of the 17th century Small Coastal Gate Bastion that was demolished in 1867 represents the retrospective face of postmodern architecture. Built for the Tallinn Old Town Housing Authority, the complex contains administrative rooms, as well as workshops and a sports centre. Its inner courtyard with neo-historicist and playful symbols is masked on the outside as a bastion with blind limestone walls and a grass roof.